Party of the summer

It has been a long road filled with rewrites, complicated layouts and multiple edits, but we have finally come to the end: The 2013-2014 COURIER Almanac is finished!

It took several weeks to complete the massive annual publication headed by COURIER editor Kathryn Dunn. Photo editor Steven Felschundneff had the great idea for the cover, taking bird’s-eye photography out of high-flying Howard Bunte’s plane. Peter Weinberger designed the cover, with a little graphics help from Jenelle Rensch.

Reporters Sarah Torribio, Christina Collins Burton and Beth Hartnett contributed some excellent stories and the Claremont After Hours team even had a write-up in this year’s Almanac (see pages 56 and 57).

We couldn’t let this accomplishment go by unnoticed and we would never pass up an opportunity to party, so we called up our COURIER friends, finalized the plans and were ready to celebrate!

This was our second COURIER party to be housed at The Colony at Loft 204. The space works just right for our needs, with funky oddities and eclectic art providing the perfect backdrop for the night’s events.

The tables were filled to the brim with crispy chimichangas, cheesy quesadillas and savory chicken flautas, all purchased from our pals at Casa De Salsa. Inside—all the way in the back—was where the real magic was happening, the bar.

Claremont wine sellers Plume Ridge Bottle Shop graciously donated a case of delicious wines that included a 2011 Baron Maxime Merlot and a 2011 Château La Tour de l’Evêque “Petale de Rose.” We also had a variety of beers and miscellaneous wines along with other snacks including some unexpected but very welcome homemade key lime ice cream brought by Lisa Schlick.

The party was scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m., but guests started floating in right after 5 p.m. One minute the room was comfortably cool and spacious and the next it was completely full of guests greeting each other and mingling cheek-to-cheek.

School board members Hilary LaConte and Steven Llanusa and CUSD Superintendent Jim Elsasser were the first to arrive, making their appearances before the second school board meeting of the year started later that night.

Next in were city officials, including Larry Schroeder, Sam Pedroza, Corey Calaycay, Joe Lyons and Colin Tudor. We were glad to see so many people from the city, especially because many of them are on vacation.

COURIER friends continued to pour in throughout the night, filling The Colony at Loft 204 to its maximum capacity. One group in particular seen rubbing elbows with Claremont’s elite were the Claremont Young Professionals, who conveniently arranged to have their monthly meeting align with the party.

Partygoers stayed well into the night, with The Colony finally shutting its doors at 9:30 p.m. The event was a success and drew a multitude of compliments. It seems the Almanac was a success, too!

We would like to thank everyone who was able to contribute to an amazing evening of friends, food and fun. Thanks for making this one momentous occasion.

Party on!